In industrial settings, there is no time for downtime. By being flexible and dedicated to the highest standards of quality, we work seamlessly with facility operators. The high caliber of mechanical systems needed in industrial locations is unique and requires specialized design-build knowledge. We excel in these controlled environments because we hold ourselves to the same elevated standards of quality, safety, and reliability.

Dedicated and experienced account managers

Background-checked employees cleared to work in industrial areas

Specialized quality assurance program

Keeping industry operating.

Bringing precision to facility operations.

Comfortable working within the protocols and procedures our clients maintain, we design and install complete mechanical systems matching the expectations and budget parameters in a wide range of industrial settings. Whether in a power plant, mining operation, manufacturing facility, or pharmaceutical plant, we appoint the appropriate personnel, including a safety officer, who ensures adherence to the rigorous safety and insurance regulations in these highly engineered settings.

Over 10 years of partnership.

Catalent has been a continued partner of IC Mechanical for over a decade. Located in the heart of Tampa-St. Petersburg Area, this laboratory is used for quality control, research, optimizing product development, and launch. IC Mechanical completed numerous projects at Catalent alongside other engineers and contractors, including a 19,863-square-foot laboratory renovation in 2015/2016, another potent lab expansion project in 2022, and a clean room in 2023.

A leading expert in design and construction of clean rooms.

IC Mechanical has solidified its reputation in the industry as a leading expert in designing and constructing clean rooms across diverse sectors. Our proficient team consists of experienced professionals and engineers who understand the intricacies of meeting clean room requirements. We guarantee a close collaboration with you. Our utmost priority is to adhere to clean room regulations and standards, ensuring outstanding product quality, safety, and compliance. We understand that clean room requirements vary for each client. Therefore, we adopt a customized and tailored approach to precisely align with your objectives.

The employee was about to walk through the safety barrier and into an area where welding was being conducted. Oscar politely informed the employee that he could not go through the safety barrier because of said activity. The employee was not happy about it and complied under protest. If Oscar hadn’t said anything, the employee could have walked into a bad situation and been injured. Please pass this along to his supervisor.

-Facility Engineer