Serving in either a design-build or design-assist role, we are as equipped to work with clients from start to finish as we are handling specific, individual aspects of a project. No matter the size or scope, we take the same comprehensive approach by collaborating with the key stakeholders, defining regular touch bases, performing S.W.O.T. analyses, and measuring implemented solutions.




The ICM Design-Build Process

Efficient, high-quality delivery.

Embracing an inclusive approach, we collectively tackle any changes or challenges, fostering a culture of innovation and collaborative problem-solving. By selecting us as your design-build partner, you can place your trust in our dedication to prioritizing efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and client satisfaction, guaranteeing exceptional outcomes. Design-Build covers the entire project lifecycle, from initial concept and design to installation and maintenance.

Teamwork, from start to finish.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, such as advanced computer-generated 3D drawings, we offer consulting and stand-alone engineering services. Our meticulous attention to detail guarantees precise design, accurate load modeling, and optimal equipment selection. Whether your project is large or small in scale, trust us to simplify complex mechanical systems and deliver innovative strategies within budget and on-time.

IC Mechanical did an exceptional job getting out in front of the issues, resolving things quickly, and moving the project forward. The project was fast-paced, but with IC Mechanical’s help, I believe we were able to execute in an organized fashion and reduce opportunities for errors and rework.

-Project Executive