Importance of Facility Maintenance

When your facilities critical systems goes down, it can be costly and inconvenient. Buildings critical systems are the lifelink of any facility, that’s why a proper preventative maintenance program is not an option -- it is a necessity. Proper maintenance of your facilities HVAC systems can prevent unwarranted extra costs and unscheduled down time of your facility. Preventative HVAC maintenance follows the same thought process of your everyday vehicle. If you don’t change the oil and the belts in your car, your engine will lock up and your vehicle won’t operate.

The same is true for HVAC systems, especially HVAC working overtime in the changing weather environments.                         

HVAC system maintenance is not as expensive compared to costs that maybe incured if your system degrades or fails. Some aspects of maintenance plans are simple, however, to keep a system running at maximum efficiency, you’ll need to spend a more time beyond the basics of system maintenance. Predictive maintenance also plays a role in preventing downtime. By tracking different system indicators, we can pick up on many emerging problems before they reach a crisis situation.

Building automation systems can be a very useful tool in maintenance diagnostics by greatly improving response and troubleshooting time.

As with any system, there is a life-cycle. There comes a time when you need to decide whether it’s practical to continue maintaining and repairing an old piece of equipment or retrofit your facility. A life-cycle analysis can allow you to make an informed decisions regarding your equipment.

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