Clean Room Design

Clean rooms are specially constructed, environmentally controlled spaces with respect to airborne, particles, temperature, humidity, air pressure, airflow patterns, air motion, vibration, noise, and lighting. Clean rooms are typically used in manufacturing, packaging, and research facilities associated with multiple industries. 

Sources of contamination in clean room design are categorized as external and internal sources.  Control is primarily through airflow design however, it alone does not guarantee that clean room conditions will be met. Walls, floors ceiling tiles, lighting fixtures, doors and windows are materials that must also be selected in clean room design.  Clean room classes range from 1-100,000 and federal standards range from ISO 3-8. Each having limits of the concentration of airborne particles, the higher the number of the class the more particles present. 

Clean room design encompasses much more than traditional temperature and humidity control. Design must consider aspects such as control of particulate, microbial, electrostatic discharge, gaseous contaminants, airflow pattern control and pressurization and industrial engineering aspects.

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