Dust Collection System Design

Dust Collection System Design can be complicated with the many factors that must be considered when in the design process. Systems vary in size from smaller dust collection systems that use a single-stage vacuum unit to large systems that utilize a two stage system which separates larger particles from fine dust using a pre-collection device. To design a dust collection system to work efficiently and effectively, engineers at IC Mechanical consider factors such as the location of the dust producing machines, the desired location of the unit, obstructions, and floor to joist measurement.  In order to properly understand the function of a dust collection system, one must familiarize themselves with a few terms, including:

CFM – Air volume in cubic feet per minute, estimates of air flow volumes necessary to adequately handle dust collection.

FPM – Velocity of Air in feet per minute

SP – Static pressure, friction is the dust collection system’s enemy this can inhibit airflow and create power demands on the system.

VP – Velocity Pressure

Calculations with these measures must be properly finalized before purchasing ductwork for your Dust Collection System Design. IC Mechanical’s engineers have experience in Dust Collection System Design in many applications and industries.

Visit our portfolio page for some examples of our dust collection system design.

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