Clean Rooms

Clean Rooms

Clean Room Construction + Development

Cleanrooms are a vital part of the manufacturing process. Cleanroom standards have changed through the years from the Class level identifiers to ISO level requirements. In the next few months new USP 797 and USP 800 requirements will be enforced for the pharmaceutical industry. In the world of air changes, cGMP requirements, HEPA filtration, laminar flow, and room layouts; it can be complicated for owners to keep up with the latest building codes while managing the day to day business of their facility.

In Florida weather the large outdoor air requirements can cause havoc within a building. You need a professional who understands how to design for the humidity issues of the region while considering your employees’ safety and product cleanliness. IC Mechanical has over 20 years of experience in cleanroom design and is located in the Tampa Bay area. Why worry about the next code iteration when we can assist you in meeting the parameters put forth by the certifying agencies. Call us today to set up a consult to evaluate the next steps for your facility to stay compliant.

Some considerations:

  • Sterile versus Non-sterile
  • Air Quality
  • HEPA requirements
  • Pressurization between spaces
  • Air changes required
  • Equipment Exhaust
  • Facility existing HVAC equipment
  • Workflow
  • Space Constraints

The Job looks great! and Osgood is very pleased with it They had nothing but praise for your crew and their workmanship Thanks to you,and all involved !

Job well done all!!!

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