Clean Rooms

Clean Rooms

Clean Room Construction + Development

For more than 15 years, IC Mechanical (and its engineering division, IC Engineering Solutions) has designed and built all classes of clean rooms for many clients in various applications. Integrating the fundamentals of clean room principles, our engineers have successfully taken into account each projects unique temperature, humidity, pressurization and particle count requirements set forth by our clients. By applying these principles, IC Mechanical has proven its ability to produce the controlled environments requested.


ZMitch LLC is a newly formed real estate development company who developed the $28 million Florida Hospital Center Ice complex. From design to construction, this was a huge undertaking that took nearly two years to complete. This facility is the largest of its kind in the entire Southeast and officially opened in January of 2017.…

Zmitch LLC Florida Hospital Center Ice

I enjoyed working with you and your team throughout my tenure at GAF. Your team did an exemplary job on the recent Fume Collection project in 2016, in implementing the equipment in a safe, reliable, and time-efficient manner. The communication, developed scopes, adherence to procedures, safety mindset from the top down, made managing the installation…

Pat Kelly GAF